Michael's story

Actually, I was not really looking for a new job. I was not 100% happy, but I was not dissatisfied either. One day I was contacted by Julia Wagner via XING in a very polite manner.

Michaela W.

Project Manager – Media


At first I was slightly sceptical that it might be a circular message, but I trusted my gut feeling and got in touch. And what can I say? It was definitely the right decision. Everything which is important to me in my job, such as working remotely and high technical standards, I was able to express at any time – and I was listened to. Thus, I felt very well taken care of right from the start and at all times. I am grateful to my gut feeling and also to the team at aacht that I took this chance and now I am even more than 100% happy in my new job as a project manager with a new employer.

Michaela Criterias




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