Ellen's Story

I would describe my path with aacht as a lucky coincidence. The contact came at exactly the right time, because I was already looking for a new job.

Ellen P.

Digital Manager

A job where my commitment is appreciated and I can develop personally and professionally. Since I was in the orientation phase after some time off, I was very pleased to receive a message from aacht on Xing. The more intensive contact was then not long in coming. In every conversation with Mr. Klima, I felt understood and in good hands. On the one hand, this was because he made an effort to get to know me well, not only to make sure that I was a good fit for the job, but that the position also suited me - instead of just quickly squeezing me into any position. Secondly, he didn't just brush aside concerns about whether the profile would really be that good a fit for me - but motivated and encouraged me to take it into my own hands, to address my reservations openly. To show my personality and what is important to me and not to pretend. Getting involved and standing up for myself not only made for a relaxed openness in the job interviews. It gave me important self-confidence for my subsequent entry into my new job, which made the start comfortable in what were difficult starting conditions at the time. Now I'm here in a super-motivated team, I can contribute my know-how effectively and I learn something new every day in an exciting environment. And I'm very happy with that.

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